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Cupping notes courtesy of Sweet Maria's Coffee and Coffeeshrub with primary credit  to Thompson Owen and supplemental commentary by Christopher Schooley

Coffee Offerings

Kenya Kiambu Peaberry Riuki
Bean / Grind Type

This lot has a malty sweet scent in the dry fragrance, and the wet aroma has fruit juice notes, a bit of peach and apricot in the light roast. Ruiki Peaberry is certainly a bright coffee, especially in the unfettered lighter roast levels of City to City+. It has a sharp spicy accent, white pepper and cinnamon, lemon drop sweetness, and mandarin orange. At Full City, there are plum and dark currant layers of fruit, behind a snappy citrusy alto note. There's a bit of pepper and a trace of clove in darker roast levels as well. The finish has a black tea tannic dryness when the roast is fresh, which tones down after several days of post-roast rest. In fact, after 5 days we re-cupped and had sweet grape/black currant jam sweetness in the finish, a classic Kenya mark of quality.

Costa Rica Herbazu Red Honey
Bean / Grind Type

An unconventional Central flavor profile! The dry fragrance has a unique savory sweetness, sweet toasted grains in the light roast and an emerging milk chocolate a bit darker. The wet aroma has hints of winey fruit, slight citrus accents, and balance bittersweet scents. The cup is dynamic and bright, yet also very balanced with a thick body far above the norm for Costa Rica coffees. The mildly rustic flavors in the cup, herbs, sweet fresh-mown grass or hay, might throw you off. It's definitely a flavor profile that takes some time to ponder, but in the end this is a sweet cup that is a joy to drink! There is a honeysuckle floral element, lemon tea zest in the lighter roast, turning to a caramel malt at FC roast. It's a fantastic espresso, especially if you can pull shots at 8.5 bars of pressure. As it cools, a praline-toffee sweetness comes out, with a rustic suggestion which reveals the fact it's a hybrid process, between wet-type and full natural coffees.

Sumatran Blue Batak Tarbarita Peaberry
Bean / Grind Type

The sweetness of this coffee is reminiscent of chicory root and molasses, laced with clove and cinnamon. The body is lighter than non-peaberry Blue Batak and the cup a bit brighter and more lively, but it is still a classic full bodied and earthy Sumatran. The long finish has a nice cinnamon-laced tea note.

Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira Yellow Bourbon
Bean / Grind Type

Produced by the Carvalho Dias and Ottoni families, who have repeatedly won the Cup of Excellence status in Brazil. Excellent as a drip coffee and also unique as SO espresso for straight espresso or machiatto. Its floral characteristics can be overly muted by larger amounts of milk – not recommended for cappuccino or latte use.
A natural process screen dried coffee. Offers mild intensity with elegant clean fruits, and a sweetly floral finish. Sweet peach and floral elements, nice cocoa powder and dry-roasted hazelnut character at City + roast. Add water and herbal-floral notes emerge with a touch of jasmine flower. Sweet and refined; unlike the intensity of typical dry processed coffees.

Yemen Moka Haimi
Bean / Grind Type

The dry fragrance of the City+ roast has an earthy sweetness to the cup, at once caramel like and slightly fruited, later seeming more like light molasses. There are cardamom spice notes and fresh ginger. This moderately dark roast is "brooding" in the cup with chamomile tea character and malty sweetness. The roast aromatics are pungent, black-peppery, with a dark berry-like fruited note; very nice! Rustic sweetness and hints of blackberry syrup -classic characteristics of a great Yemeni coffee. A complex, unique cup that is as far from clean, uniform Central American coffees as you can get. If you want something different from bright, clean, wet-processed coffee, you can't go wrong with a Yemen! Proper resting (3 days+) is important for espresso and can balance out the cup with brewed methods as well.

Sweet Maria's "Donkey Decaf" espresso blend
Bean / Grind Type

As an all-decaf espresso this blend offers good crema, rich flavor and bittersweet flavor notes without undesirable levels of bitterness. It is also excellent as a base blend for a "low-caf" espresso. This means it should work well as 50-75% of a blend where you add other caffeinated coffees to give more aromatics and flavor: good choices for that purpose include such coffees as Ethiopian Harar or Central Americans such as a good Guatemalan.

Sumatra Mandheling SWP Decaf
Bean / Grind Type

Our favorite decaf drip coffee, it also serves well for creating create low-caf or decaf blends with body and depth. At this roast level (Full City +) it excels as a straight decaf espresso and is very much a Sumatra cup profile, albeit a bit cleaner and less earthy than its non-decaf Mandheling counterpart. There are foresty tones in the aromatics and the cup, dense body, low acidity, and a rustic sweetness that reminds one of sorghum syrup. Light roasts have a marmalade fruit quality, with an herbal touch. It's a clean cup, both for a decaf and a Sumatra, with low acidity and a slight drying quality to the mouthfeel, like banana skins. It maintains its Sumatra-ness through decaffeination with plenty of sweet herbal notes and a big oily body.